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Baulkham Hills Cricket Club Executive
No Annual Reports listing Office Bearers prior to the 1954/1955 season could be located.
SeasonPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
1954/1955William McBurneyV LordDoug BlundellLes Cornell
1955/1956John ThompsonA LordDoug BlundellFrank Horwood
1956/1957John Thompson Doug BlundellFrank Horwood
1957/1958John ThompsonJ WhiteDoug BlundellFrank Horwood
1958/1959John ThompsonJ WhiteDoug BlundellFrank Horwood
1959/1960John ThompsonJ WhiteDoug BlundellFrank Horwood
1960/1961John ThompsonE StrettonMax StibbardTed Stretton
1961/1962Ted StrettonRay ParkerMax StibbardGeorge Horwood
1962/1963John ThompsonE StrettonMax StibbardGeorge Horwood
1963/1964John ThompsonE StrettonR BowyerCyril Williams
In 1964 the club changed its name to Baulkham Hills Cricket and Recreation Club. For the next five years the club had a Club Executive and a Divisional Committee.
SeasonPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
John Thompson
John Thompson
Edward Bonner
Edward Bonner
Cyril Williams 
Jack Scott
John Thompson
Cyril Williams
Ray Pierce
Cliff Hinton
Jack Scott
John Thompson
Colin King
David Paull
Cliff Hinton
John Thompson
Barry Walker
Kevin Dodds
David Paull
Cyril Williams
John Thompson
Barry Walker
Kevin Dodds
Cliff Hinton
Barry Willard
In 1969 the club changed to Baulkham Hills Sporting Club Cricket Division
SeasonPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
Paul Thomas(part time)
Albert White(part time)
Laurie Wilson(part time)
 Robert Wales
Ian Sims
1970/1971Laurie Wilson Robert WalesIan Sims
1971/1972Laurie Wilson Robert WalesIan Sims
1972/1973Laurie Wilson Don BentHarold Beck
1973/1974Laurie Wilson Don BentHarold Beck
1974/1975Laurie Wilson Don BentTerry Webb
1975/1976Ray ParkerKen SmithDon BentTerry Webb
1976/1977Ray ParkerKen SmithDon BentTerry Webb
1977/1978Kel BoydNeville PittmanZane HillierTerry Webb
1978/1979Kel Boyd John TreloggenTerry Webb
1979/1980Kel BoydNeville PittmanJohn TreloggenTerry Webb
1980/1981Kel BoydNeville PittmanJohn TreloggenTerry Webb
1981/1982Kel BoydNeville PittmanJohn TreloggenTerry Webb
1982/1983Kel BoydNeville PittmanJohn ClarkTerry Webb
1983/1984Kel BoydKen SmithJohn ClarkTerry Webb
1984/1985Kel Boyd Ken FelthamMax Bayldon
1985/1986Kel BoydJ BourneJohn BourneMax Bayldon
1986/1987Kel BoydJ BourneArthur ScarfMax Bayldon
1987/1988Kel BoydJ BourneArthur ScarfCraig Moreman
1988/1989Arthur ScarfKel BoydRosemary McLellanCraig Moreman
1989/1990Cliff HintonKel BoydRosemary McLellanCraig Moreman
1990/1991Cliff HintonRalph HuttonRosemary McLellanCraig Moreman
1991/1992Cliff HintonLou MorschRosemary McLellanAndrew Huszczo
1992/1993Cliff HintonG ChadwickRosemary McLellanAndrew Huszczo
1993/1994Cliff HintonRosemary McLellanPeter TouzelAndrew Huszczo
1994/1995Kevin AndrewsCliff HintonPeter TouzelAndrew Huszczo
1995/1996Rosemary McLellanNeil BoylePeter TouzelAndrew Huszczo
1996/1997Rosemary McLellanNeil BoylePeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
1997/1998Rosemary McLellanNeil BoylePeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
1998/1999Neil BoyleRosemary McLellanPeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
1999/2000Neil BoyleRosemary McLellanPeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
2000/2001Neil BoylePeter McLoughlinPeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
2001/2002Neil BoylePeter McLoughlinPeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
2002/2003Neil BoylePeter McLoughlinPeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
2003/2004Neil BoylePeter McLoughlinPeter TouzelMalcolm Currey
2004/2005Peter McLoughlinChris SpringallRobert DokterMalcolm Currey
2005/2006Peter McLoughlinChris SpringallRobert DokterPeter Gunton
2006/2007Peter McLoughlinChris Springall- vacant -Peter Gunton
2007/2008Peter McLoughlinChris SpringallSally RichPeter Gunton
2008/2009Peter McLoughlinChris SpringallSally RichPeter Gunton
2009/2010Peter McLoughlinChris SpringallSally RichPeter Gunton
2010/2011Peter McLoughlinChris SpringallSally RichPeter Gunton
2011/2012Chris SpringallPeter McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2012/2013Chris SpringallPeter McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2013/2014Chris SpringallPeter McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2014/2015Chris SpringallPeter McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2015/2016Chris Springall- vacant -Rick ThomasPeter Gunton
2016/2017Chris Springall- vacant -Rick ThomasPeter Gunton
2017/2018Chris Springall- vacant -Rick ThomasPeter Gunton
2018/2019Chris SpringallGreg McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2019/2020Chris SpringallGreg McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2020/2021Chris SpringallGreg McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton
2021/2022Phil WoodsGreg McLoughlinRick ThomasPeter Gunton

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