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George Wasyluk
(Awarded Life Membership 2004)

Life member George Horwood presenting George (on left) with his life membership
at the 2004/2005 Presentation Dinner

George first became involved with Baulkham Hills Cricket Club when his eldest son Brent started playing in 1990/91. He took on the coaching role the following season and continued to coach club teams continuously for 12 seasons.

George only took one more season to join the Management Committee of the club. After being elected as Junior Registrar for the 1992/93 season, George stepped up to Junior Secretary during that season when the position became vacant. He has remained in that position ever since.

As though the Junior Secretary position and coaching was not enough to keep George occupied, he spent one year as a SAYAS Delegate and in 1998/99 was our Delegate to the Parramatta District Cricket Association. At that meeting he was elected to the Committee of the Association, where he has continued to serve to date.

The mere mentioning of offices held cannot give a full indication of the performance of George in these duties. During his time, George has overseen the growth of our juniors from eight teams to as many as 18. His term with the PDCA has involved a particular leaning towards the juniors, including much involvement with the representative teams. He has been a driving force for trying to have all junior team coaches holding qualifications. George has always had an interest in the progress of "his" juniors, whether through our own seniors or in higher company.

A particular "baby" has been the double wicket competition for juniors, which was introduced during his term and run according to "George's guidelines" (never rules - guidelines can be adapted to the circumstances on the day!).

Positions held within the club
1991/1992Coach - 11 Modified
1992/1993Junior Secretary, Junior Registrar (Part season), Coach - 12/2
1993/1994Junior Secretary, Coach - 13/2
1994/1995Junior Secretary, SAYAS Delegate, Coach - 14/1B
1995/1996Junior Secretary, Coach - 15/1B
1996/1997Junior Secretary, Coach - 11/1, Coach - 11/2
1997/1998Junior Secretary, Coach - 12/1
1998/1999Junior Secretary, PDCA Delegate, Coach - 13/1
1999/2000Junior Secretary, Coach - 14/1
2000/2001Junior Secretary, Coach - 15/1
2001/2002Junior Secretary, Coach - 16/1
2002/2003Junior Secretary, Coach - 11/2
2003/2004Junior Secretary
2004/2005Junior Secretary

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