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Laurie Wilson
(Awarded Life Membership 1976)

Laurie first came to Baulkham Hills in 1958 aged 27, having captained the Taree C Grade team to premiership honours. Unable to be selected into even the lowest grade (B5), he hung around and a "young red-headed man" Rusty (Ray Parker) gave him a run - the rest is in the score books.

The following is a quote from Laurie:

"From that day onwards I was always proud to be a Baulkham Hills player. I met and played with many great guys in the Parramatta DJCA. When I first saw the No 1 ground at Baulkham Hills I said to myself, "bloody hell! I'm back in the bush". There were stumps and ants nests here and there and the pitch was on a ridge so that deep square leg couldn't see the player at deep point."

"In my early days with the BHCC I remember how hard it was to raise money for equipment. One dedicated guy, Brian Bowyer, and a team of us, male and female, collected bottles from near and far to sell and foot the bills. I enjoyed my position as President of the Cricket Division. It was made easy by the enthusiastic committees I had from year to year, one member especially, Rita Russell. I had many a highlight in my time with the club, but the biggest I think was the honour of being made a Life Member. "

Laurie was President of the Cricket Division from 1969/70 season to 1974/75 and over the years served on the Grading Committee. He was also on the Board of Directors of the Sporting Club and was a member of the Building Committee where he played a major role in the planning and erection of the Club's premises.

[The above was taken from the "Baulkham Hills Cricket Club 75th Anniversary - 1919-1994", published in 1994.]

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