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Mike Bertoldo Memorial Trophy
Senior Sportsman Of The Year
1971/1972Cliff Hinton1997/1998Peter Harrison
1972/1973 1998/1999Sal Castellano
1973/1974 1999/2000Denis Tokic
1974/1975R Johns2000/2001Denis Tokic
1975/1976C Davies2001/2002Nick Connellan
1976/1977Barry Walker2002/2003Chris Springall
1977/1978R Johns2003/2004Nick Connellan
1978/1979D King2004/2005Chris North
1979/1980Barry Walker2005/2006Keenan Galas
1980/1981M Cusack2006/2007Sumit Kalia
1981/1982Robert Turk2007/2008Greg McLoughlin
1982/1983K Beattie2008/2009Ben Dooley
1983/1984Robert Turk2009/2010Greg McLoughlin
1984/1985J Grayson2010/2011Steven Sarlog
1985/1986Peter Betros2011/2012Pat Mamo
1986/1987Jamaal Tabbaa2012/2013Steven Sarlog
1987/1988Alan Butterworth2013/2014Chris Springall
1988/1989Neil Jones2014/2015Michael Robertson
1989/1990Paul Scurr2015/2016Joshua Mann
1990/1991Jeff Walker2016/2017Tony Senior
1991/1992Kevin Parker2017/2018Joshua Mann
1992/1993Rob Dorigo2018/2019Matthew Sibley
1993/1994Wayne Holt2019/2020Matthew Sibley
1994/1995Alan Butterworth2020/2021Omal Fernando
1995/1996Kevin Parker2021/2022Harrison Bultitude
1996/1997Stuart Adams  

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