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Ray Parker Memorial Cup
Junior Team of the Year
The Ray Parker Cup is awarded to the team which finishes the home and away season with the highest quotient, as determined by the PDCA competition tables.
The trophy was donated to the club in memory of Ray Parker by his family, in 2002.
2001/2002Under 15/1(A)2004/2005Under 13/1
2002/2003Under 11/12005/2006Under 15/1
2003/2004B72006/2007Under 14/1
In 2008, the management committee decided to award two trophies, one for senior teams and one for junior teams.
2007/2008Under 15/1B10
2008/2009Under 11/1B8
In 2010, the management committee decided to rename the senior team of the year award, in honour of Cliff Hinton.
2009/2010Under 12/12016/2017Under 14/1
2010/2011Under 11/2B2017/2018Under 14/2 Gold
2011/2012Under 11/12018/2019Under 14/2 Gold
2012/2013Under 11/12019/2020Under 13/1
2013/2014Under 12/12020/2021Under 14/1 Gold
2014/2015Under 13/12021/2022Under 15/1
2015/2016Under 15/2  

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