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500 Runs in a Season
Shires 1st Grade740Sal Castellano1998/1999
Shires 1st Grade561Louis Morsch1984/1985
Shires 1st Grade507Kevin Parker1989/1990
Shires 2nd Grade673Chris Springall1998/1999
Shires 2nd Grade514Chris Springall1994/1995
Shires 3rd Grade579Jamal Tabbaa1986/1987
Shires 4th Grade634Matthew Johnson1998/1999
A Grade863Bill Edgecombe1964/1965
A Grade796Bill Anderson1958/1959
A Grade673Bill Anderson1960/1961
A Grade606Bill Anderson1957/1958
A Grade596Barry Walker1969/1970
A Grade594Peter Newman1957/1958
A Grade558William Edgecombe1969/1970
A Grade552Peter Newman1962/1963
A Grade535Barry Walker1965/1966
A Grade522Barry Walker1967/1968
A Grade521Ben Dooley2008/2009
A Grade512Ray Pierce1967/1968
A Reserve568Chris North2003/2004
B1 Grade545Peter Micali1997/1998
B2 Grade700Chris Springall2013/2014
B2 Grade590Steven Sarlog1997/1998
B2 Grade568Robert Konstantopoulos2011/2012
B3 Grade676Bhavik Patel2017/2018
B3 Grade605Brian Cleasby1957/1958
B3 Grade573Brendan Jansz2003/2004
B3 Grade522Greg McLoughlin2009/2010
B4 Grade719Gary Wheway2002/2003
B4 Grade653Ishmam Masud2017/2018
B4 Grade644Brian Falkenberg1975/1976
B4 Grade623Bob Simpson2004/2005
B4 Grade580R Davis1960/1961
B4 Grade545Neville Kentwell1982/1983
B4 Grade525Daniel Chatman2010/2011
B4 Grade509Darren Tipton1998/1999
B5 Grade586Simon Joyce2004/2005
B5 Grade526John Thompson1962/1963
B6 Grade652Ben Dooley2006/2007
B6 Grade615I Davison1991/1992
B6 Grade601Bhavik Patel2016/2017
B6 Grade502Mark Goldsmith1994/1995
B7 Grade634Todd Mills1993/1994
B7 Grade611John Walters2002/2003
B7 Grade600P Calvert1983/1984
B7 Grade528Jay Smith2014/2015
B8 Grade714Stephen Rudgley1990/1991
B8 Grade592Tony Senior2008/2009
B8 Grade511Ben Dooley2004/2005
B9 Grade540Barry Walker1979/1980
B9 Grade524Chris Rumley1979/1980
B10 Grade764Aikeshkumar Patel2015/2016
B10 Grade641Keith Rowe1994/1995
B10 Grade592Sumit Kalia2000/2001
B10 Grade569Andrew Sennett1993/1994
B10 Grade503Peter Burns1991/1992
B11 Grade714Greg Leeson2004/2005
B11 Grade696Tim Chesher2017/2018
B11 Grade504Gary Wheway1994/1995
B12 Grade674Joe Macrae2017/2018
B12 Grade673Romesh Liyanage2013/2014
B12 Grade539Christian Mulder2006/2007
B13 Grade611Rushikumar Trivedi2011/2012
B13 Grade588Noman Dar2013/2014
B13 Grade534Brendon Fannin1983/1984
B14 Grade517Matthew Bracken2003/2004
B15 Grade689Hardik Shah2014/2015
C Grade615R Eager1959/1960
C Grade601Tom Gurka2005/2006
C Grade582Simon Joyce2000/2001
C Grade572Jarred Farlow2002/2003
C Grade548Ray Chisholm1964/1965
Under 16/1517Ben Dooley2002/2003
Under 16/2550Sat Siva1994/1995
Under 15/1706Sean Abbott2006/2007
Under 15/1626Garry Hull1981/1982
Under 15/1593Gabriel Joseph2007/2008
Under 15/1544Ian Burge1989/1990
Under 14/1783Ben Abbott2006/2007
Under 14/1752Nick Bertus2006/2007
Under 14/1722Sean Abbott2005/2006
Under 14632Rob Eager1965/1966
Under 14/1576Alex Murphy1994/1995
Under 14/1538Nicholas Bertus2005/2006
Under 13/1537Luke Perkin2013/2014
Under 13/1523Leigh Harris1994/1995
Under 13/2540Ron Wilson1961/1962

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