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50 Wickets in a Season
Shires 3rd Grade51Kevin Parker1995/1996
Shires 4th Grade51Damien Baker1995/1996
A Grade60Cleaver Lothian1953/1954
A Grade55Peter Newman1955/1956
A Grade50Dave Whitehurst1969/1970
A Reserve57Denis Tokic2000/2001
A Reserve54Kevin Campbell1974/1975
B1 Grade62Colin Davies1968/1969
B1 Grade57P Walker1982/1983
B1 Grade50Denis Tokic1998/1999
B1 Grade50Denis Tokic1999/1990
B2 Grade63Max Gilham1955/1956
B2 Grade56P Walker1980/1981
B2 Grade55R McCoullough1980/1981
B2 Grade53Max Gilham1954/1955
B2 Grade51Albert White1960/1961
B3 Grade66Albert White1957/1958
B3 Grade59Bryce Jones2014/2015
B3 Grade55Albert White1958/1959
B3 Grade52Max Gilham1957/1958
B4 Grade54Harrison Bultitude2018/2019
B4 Grade51William Lothian1960/1961
B4 Grade51Malcolm Kane1963/1964
B4 Grade50Greg Morrison1972/1973
B4 Grade50Bryce Jones2013/2014
B5 Grade84R Maker1959/1960
B5 Grade64Max Stibbard1958/1959
B5 Grade57S Bent1975/1976
B5 Grade56Ian Kelly1965/1966
B5 Grade55Malcolm Kane1962/1963
B5 Grade54Pat Mamo2004/2005
B5 Grade53Colin Wilkinson1963/1964
B5 Grade53Brian Bowyer1963/1964
B6 Grade51Terry Webb1982/1983
B7 Grade66C Bayldon1983/1984
B8 Grade66Nick Connellan2000/2001
B8 Grade56Roger Deane2014/2015
B8 Grade52Brad Green2005/2006
B9 Grade65Trent Hession2001/2002
B9 Grade50Rod Fletcher1998/1999
B10 Grade55David Pring2001/2002
B11 Grade58Nigel Ayling1986/1987
B12 Grade57Nilendra Perera2007/2008
B12 Grade56S Rudgley1980/1981
B12 Grade50Trent Hession1998/1999
B12 Grade50Adam Fahey2003/2004
B13 Grade53Christian Millgate2010/2011
B13 Grade50Pat Mamo2001/2002
B13 Grade50Ajaz Khan2011/2012
B14 Grade68Chris White2002/2003
B14 Grade55Chris White2003/2004
C Grade62Kevin Gilham1957/1958
C Grade62Sacha Hilbrink2000/2001
C Grade61Keith Bowyer1957/1958
C Grade59William Lothian1959/1960
C Grade58Doug Sims1970/1971
C Grade53Ken Smith1975/1976
C Grade52Kevin Gilham1958/1959
C Grade50David Paull1962/1963
Under 16/151Ross McCoullough1975/1976
Juniors60R McMillan1955/1956
Juniors60D Thompson1957/1958
Under 16/258Ross McCoullough1974/1975
Under 15/150C Freeman1979/1980
Under 15/367Steve Harwood1984/1985
Under 15/351Glen Majurey1986/1987
Under 14/152Bruce Coggins1964/1965
Under 14/257Mike Williams1995/1996
Under 14/255Daryl King1975/1976
Under 14/363Sal Castellano1984/1985
Under 13/166Michael Tuckerman1994/1995
Under 13/250Daryl King1974/1975
Under 13/351T Ide1984/1985
Under 13/457Andrew Brown1985/1986
Under 1280G Moffitt1966/1967
Under 12/161Rob Eager1963/1964
Under 1261Stephen Lockwood1965/1966
Under 12/252Jonathon Beck1993/1994
Under 12/251Garry Wooldridge1975/1976
Under 11/151Craig Freeman1975/1976
Under 11/151S Erickson1976/1977
Under 11/258Paul Pittman1975/1976
Under 1081Michael Fish1963/1964
Under 10/166K Cook1983/1984
Under 1065Mark Stretton1969/1970
Under 1058Alan Blake1964/1965
Under 1056Stephen Lockwood1963/1964
Under 10/155Jeffrey Walker1979/1980
Under 10/150Brian Kennedy1962/1963
Under 10/150Simon Perrin1976/1977
Under 10/266David McKeowen1976/1977

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