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Seven Wickets in an Innings - Senior Grades
A GradeA ReserveB1 GradeB2 GradeB3 GradeB4 Grade
B5 GradeB6 GradeB7 GradeB8 GradeB9 GradeB10 Grade
B11 GradeB12 GradeB13 GradeB14 GradeC Grade
A Grade
A GradeJay Smith8 for 48v Kings Langley2003/2004
A GradeDenis Tokic7 for 23v Hills Barbarians2002/2003
A GradeDenis Tokic7 for 27v Wenty Leagues2001/2002
A GradeGaurang Merani7 for 63v Wenty Waratahs2006/2007
A GradeJoshua Mann7 for 66v Guildford Leagues2017/2018
A GradeNick Connellan7 for 75v Greystanes2003/2004
A Reserve
A ReserveJohn Abbott8 for 15 1981/1982
A ReserveTrent Hession7 for 26v Wenty Leagues2005/2006
A ReserveGlenn Fewell7 for 40v Wenty Waratahs2003/2004
B1 Grade
B1 GradeL Walker10 for ?? 1928/1929
B1 GradeDavid Cope7 for 30v Wenty Leagues2002/2003
B1 GradePat Mamo7 for 42v Seven Hills RSL2011/2012
B1 GradePatrick Mamo7 for 49v Super11 Sports2017/2018
B2 Grade
B2 GradeMarty Keeble8 for 35v The Bulls2003/2004
B2 GradeKeenan Galas7 for 19v Kellyville2006/2007
B2 GradeDavid Cope7 for 28 1999/2000
B2 GradeGlenn Fewell7 for 46v Winston Hills2001/2002
B2 GradeGlenn Fewell7 for 56v Kings Langley2001/2002
B3 Grade
B3 GradeLaurie Wilson8 for 15 1961/1962
B3 GradeNick Connellan7 for 39v Parramatta Leagues2002/2003
B3 GradeDavid Cope7 for 41v Seven Hills RSL2008/2009
B3 GradeMatthew Hardy7 for 44v UTY & VOT2008/2009
B3 GradeCraig Perrau7 for 49v Parramatta Leagues1988/1989
B3 GradeGlen Mulvaney7 for 57v Cumberland Community2002/2003
B3 GradeKeenan Galas7 for 72v Greystanes2003/2004
B4 Grade
B4 GradeBen Jenkins8 for 17v Inka Warriors2007/2008
B4 GradeHarrison Bultitude8 for 27v Hills Barbarians2018/2019
B4 GradeAdam Tinley7 for 6v Wenty Leagues2005/2006
B4 GradeBryce Jones7 for 22v Pendle Hill Colts2013/2014
B4 GradeBilly Lothian7 for 25 1960/1961
B4 GradeLaurie Wilson7 for 28 1960/1961
B4 GradeAndrew Nix7 for 33v Granville Pats2003/2004
B4 GradeMark Simpson7 for 63v Castle Hill1984/1985
B4 GradeM Thompson7 for ?? 1985/1986
B5 Grade
B5 GradePaul Hardwick9 for 49v Winston Hills2003/2004
B5 GradeRod Fletcher8 for 40v Hills Barbarians2001/2002
B5 GradeRoger Deane8 for 44v Erskine Park2006/2007
B5 GradeRamon Delohery8 for 58v Kings Langley1994/1995
B5 GradeAjaz Khan7 for 11v Cheetahs Sports Club2017/2018
B5 GradePat Mamo7 for 17v Winston Hills2005/2006
B5 GradeAndrew Scurr7 for 22v Cumberland Catholic1981/1982
B5 GradeReece Jones7 for 25v Pendle Hill Colts2012/2013
B5 GradeCraig Freeman7 for 33 1981/1982
B5 GradeIan Hoy7 for 57 1995/1996
B5 GradePat Mamo7 for 72v Wenty Leagues2004/2005
B6 Grade
B6 GradeDean Stapleton9 for 20v Hills Barbarians2001/2002
B6 GradeDarren Tipton7 for 14v Guildford County2003/2004
B6 GradeWard Koski7 for 26v Kellyville2009/2010
B6 GradeRichard Treloggen7 for 27v Granville Kewpies1979/1980
B6 GradeRoger Deane7 for 31v NSW Tamils2005/2006
B6 GradeHardik P Shah7 for 34v Voice of Tamils2016/2017
B6 GradeBen Dooley7 for 36v Norwest2006/2007
B7 Grade
B7 GradeRoger Deane8 for 27v VOT2009/2010
B7 GradeRoger Deane8 for 29v Guildford Bowling2004/2005
B7 GradeSimon Joyce8 for 34v Greystanes2003/2004
B7 GradeRoger Deane8 for 54v Hills Barbarians2008/2009
B7 GradeJay Smith8 for 59v Voice Of Tamils2014/2015
B7 GradeCraig Camage7 for 17v Wenty RSLY1995/1996
B7 GradeDean Stapleton7 for 19v Wenty Waratahs2004/2005
B7 GradeSacha Hilbrink7 for 20v Wenty Leagues2003/2004
B7 GradeAnthony Carr7 for 36 1987/1988
B7 GradeAroshan Dias7 for 56v Pendle Hill Colts2011/2012
B7 GradeGary Chadwick7 for 67v Castle Hill1991/1992
B8 Grade
B8 GradeEvan Platt9 for 10v Kellyville2008/2009
B8 GradeTony Senior8 for 57v Wenty Waratahs2008/2009
B8 GradeRod Fletcher8 for ?? 1997/1998
B8 GradeRoger Deane7 for 15v Cheetahs Sports Club2014/2015
B8 GradeIan Scollay7 for 18v Newman High1993/1994
B8 GradeNick Connellan7 for 28 2000/2001
B8 GradeDavid Banks7 for 35v Kellyville2004/2005
B8 GradeGary Chadwick7 for 38v Wenty Leagues1992/1993
B8 GradeRoger Deane7 for 59v Guildford Bowling2013/2014
B8 GradeDavid Pring7 for 71v Hills Barbarians2002/2003
B8 GradeMark Elliot7 for 86v Guildford Leagues1995/1996
B8 GradeRod Fletcher7 for ?? 1997/1998
B9 Grade
B9 GradeRod Fletcher8 for 6 1998/1999
B9 GradeTrent Hession7 for 8v Wenty Leagues2001/2002
B9 GradeCraig Hardgrove7 for 13v Quakers Hill1978/1979
B9 GradeSteve Plunkett7 for 18v Blacktown1978/1979
B9 GradeChris White7 for 38v Parramatta Leagues2005/2006
B9 GradeAdam Thomas7 for 38v Kings Langley2010/2011
B9 GradeTrent Hession7 for 44v Kellyville2001/2002
B9 GradeAdam Meakins7 for 47v Baulkham Hills A2009/2010
B10 Grade
B10 GradeDavid Pring9 for 38v Grand Final1999/2000
B10 GradeDavid Pring8 for 24v Winston Hills2001/2002
B10 GradeDavid Pring7 for 8v Parramatta Leagues2001/2002
B10 GradeTony Carr7 for 26v Seven Hills RSL1995/1996
B10 GradeIan Mills7 for 32v Newman High1996/1997
B10 GradeIan Mills7 for 34 1988/1989
B10 GradeSacha Hilbrink7 for 36v Parramatta Leagues2002/2003
B10 GradeJay Smith7 for 37v Voice Of Tamils2013/2014
B10 GradeJason Currey7 for 39v Wenty Leagues1995/1996
B10 GradeNirav Goradia7 for 39v Cheetahs Sports Club2014/2015
B10 GradeIan Mills7 for 62 1992/1993
B10 GradeTony Carr7 for 93v Kellyville1995/1996
B11 Grade
B11 GradeIan Mills9 for 49 1997/1998
B11 GradeMatti Marjoniemi8 for 38v Guildford2000/2001
B11 GradeDavid Banks8 for 71v Parramatta2000/2001
B11 GradeStuart Bright7 for 6 1986/1987
B11 GradeNathan Blake7 for 14v Seven Hills2000/2001
B11 GradeAshmeet Jolly7 for 25v Norwest2005/2006
B11 GradeAdam Fahey7 for 29v Wenty Waratahs2004/2005
B11 GradeRajitha Wijesekara7 for 53v Xenium Crusaders2007/2008
B11 GradeBrent Wasyluk7 for ?? 1998/1999
B12 Grade
B12 GradeAdam Fahey8 for 13v Hills Barbarians2003/2004
B12 GradeNilendra Perera8 for 30v Western Tigers2007/2008
B12 GradeJames Chatman8 for 39v AKA Sports2006/2007
B12 GradeSean E Hampstead8 for 59v Hills Barbarians2014/2015
B12 GradeAshmeet Jolly7 for 18v Guildford Bowling2009/2010
B12 GradeKamil Chardry7 for 33v Wenty Waratahs2007/2008
B12 GradeNirav Goradia7 for 65v Kings Langley2013/2014
B13 Grade
B13 GradeAjaz Khan9 for 35v Voice of Tamils2011/2012
B13 GradeTroy Higginbotham8 for 12v Seven Hills RSL2004/2005
B13 GradeSacha Hilbrink8 for 14v Guildford County1998/1999
B13 GradeChristian Millgate8 for 25v Kings Langley2010/2011
B13 GradeAaditya Gholkar8 for 58v Seven Hills-Toongabbie2018/2019
B13 GradeSacha Hilbrink7 for 18v Guildford County1998/1999
B13 GradePatrick Mamo7 for 27v Seven Hills1999/2000
B13 GradeMahiben Rajendram7 for 27v Kellyville2012/2013
B13 GradePatrick Searson7 for 30v NSW Tamils2010/2011
B13 GradeAjaz Khan7 for 35v Greystanes2011/2012
B13 GradePat Mamo7 for 41v Wenty Leagues2001/2002
B13 GradeAnitus Liyanage7 for 47v Voice Of Tamils2012/2013
B13 GradeMichael Homsy7 for 88v Kellyville2004/2005
B14 Grade
B14 GradeSacha Fernandez7 for 36v Wenty Leagues2002/2003
B14 GradeChris White7 for 39v Parramatta Leagues2003/2004
B14 GradeNilendra Perera7 for 39v Piranhas2004/2005
B14 GradeChris White7 for 40v AKA Sports2002/2003
B14 GradeChris Soares7 for 61v Wenty Leagues2008/2009
C Grade
C GradeDaniel Dawson8 for 49v Gilroy College1995/1996
C GradeDavid Paull8 for 61 1962/1963
C GradeColin Wilkinson7 for 32 1962/1963
C GradeHarold Raff7 for 71 1992/1993
C GradeRay Kentwell7 for ?? 1965/1966

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