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Seven Wickets in an Innings - Shires
First GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFrank Gray Shield
First Grade
Shires 1Paul Scurr8 for 52v Roseville1988/1989
Shires 1Andrew Scurr8 for 63v South Sydney1995/1996
Shires 1Kevin Parker7 for 49v Epping1990/1991
Shires 1Paul Scurr7 for 59v Wentworthville1989/1990
Shires 1N Graham7 for 65v Blacktown1996/1997
Shires 1R Anderson7 for 93v Warringah1985/1986
Second Grade
Shires 2Trevor Dowle7 for 34v Roseville1995/1996
Shires 2Mark Taylor7 for 34v South Sydney1995/1996
Shires 2Trevor Hefren7 for 48v Lindfield1992/1993
Shires 2Richard Brown7 for 79v Macquarie University1996/1997
Third Grade
Shires 3Michael Tuckerman9 for 79v Holroyd1998/1999
Shires 3K Birdsall8 for 33v Bexley1993/1994
Shires 3M Grimshaw8 for 47v Canterbury1992/1993
Shires 3Damian Baker8 for 112v Bexley1996/1997
Shires 3Jeff Walker7 for 24v Macquarie University1987/1988
Shires 3George Dickie7 for 39v Pennant Hills1999/2000
Shires 3R Gallagher7 for 40v Auburn1984/1985
Shires 3Kevin Parker7 for 53v South Sydney1995/1996
Shires 3G Crofts7 for 54v Wentworthville1987/1988
Fourth Grade
Shires 4J Grayson8 for 34v Lindfield1984/1985
Shires 4A Moore8 for 35v Pennant Hills1984/1985
Shires 4Wasim Khan7 for 16v Burwood1998/1999
Shires 4Stephen Calvert7 for 26v Canterbury1988/1989
Shires 4S Rixon7 for 42v Canterbury1992/1993
Shires 4Damian Baker7 for 47v Roseville1995/1996
Shires 4S Harwood7 for 68v Epping1988/1989
Shires 4Phillip Dodd7 for 74v Warringah1993/1994

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