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Centuries Scored in Shires Grades
First GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFrank Gray Shield
First Grade
Shires 1148Lali Pooniv Auburn1998/1999
Shires 1137Peter Betrosv Wentworthville1985/1986
Shires 1132Ken Beattyv Pennant Hills1984/1985
Shires 1132Louis Morschv Pennant Hills1984/1985
Shires 1129Sal Castellanov Holroyd1998/1999
Shires 1123Craig Wallacev Epping1988/1989
Shires 1115Peter Betrosv Pennant Hills1985/1986
Shires 1114Craig Wallacev Canterbury1990/1991
Shires 1103Craig Wallacev Lane Cove1992/1993
Shires 1102Anthony Boydv Bexley1994/1995
Shires 1101 noAlan Butterworthv Blacktown1994/1995
Shires 1101David Scurrv Macquarie University1990/1991
Shires 1101Sal Castellano 1998/1999
Second Grade
Shires 2164 noChris Springallv Blacktown1998/1999
Shires 2126 noSteven Kempv Epping1991/1992
Shires 2125Simon Leightonv Roseville1992/1993
Shires 2122Jamie Neillv Lindfield1990/1991
Shires 2116 noDarren Lovev Holroyd1997/1998
Shires 2110David Weedonv Warringah1993/1994
Shires 2109David Weedonv Burwood1993/1994
Shires 2105 noDavid Weedonv Lindfield1988/1989
Shires 2105Jamie Neillv Burwood1990/1991
Shires 2105Steven Kempv Lane Cove1991/1992
Shires 2104 noPaul Calvertv Epping1984/1985
Third Grade
Shires 3140Jamie Neilv Bexley1988/1989
Shires 3131Jamal Tabbaav Epping1986/1987
Shires 3128 noBrendon Fanninv Lindfield1986/1987
Shires 3126Guy Middlebrookv Wentworthville1988/1989
Shires 3125Simon Leightonv Roseville1992/1993
Shires 3120Matthew Smithv Roseville1999/2000
Shires 3117Jamie Neilv Epping1988/1989
Shires 3113 noStuart Ashtonv Warringah1991/1992
Shires 3111Stuart Adamsv Pennant Hills1998/1999
Shires 3107 noKevin Parkerv Warringah1998/1999
Shires 3106 noTrevor Hefrenv Roseville1987/1988
Shires 3106Stuart Yeendv Canterbury1984/1985
Shires 3105Jamal Tabbaav Wentworthville1986/1987
Shires 3105Simon Leightonv Bexley1996/1997
Shires 3104Jamal Tabbaav Strathfield1986/1987
Shires 3103 noJason Bayldonv Canterbury1988/1989
Shires 3103 noMatthew Andersonv Pennant Hills1994/1995
Shires 3103Stephen Calvertv Pennant Hills1987/1988
Shires 3103George Dickiev Lane Cove1999/2000
Shires 3102 noJamal Tabbaav Bexley1986/1987
Shires 3102 noDavid Monkv Auburn1991/1992
Shires 3102S Berryv Burwood1984/1985
Shires 3102Jamal Tabbaav Canterbury1984/1985
Shires 3102Darren Moorev Bexley1996/1997
Shires 3101 noSimon Leightonv Burwood1990/1991
Shires 3101 noGreg Blacklerv Lindfield1991/1992
Shires 3101 noChris Higginsv Strathfield1996/1997
Shires 3101Tony Rowev Canterbury1990/1991
Shires 3100 noKeith Rowev Pennant Hills1989/1990
Shires 3100Matthew Woosnamv Macquarie University1992/1993
Fourth Grade
Shires 4160Keith Rowev Strathfield1991/1992
Shires 4140 noRobert Mullinsv Lindfield1986/1987
Shires 4129 noA Cumminsv University of NSW1985/1986
Shires 4125C Mulheronv Epping1988/1989
Shires 4121R Bamforthv Lane Cove1984/1985
Shires 4118A Cumminsv Macquarie University1985/1986
Shires 4116R Turkv Warringah1983/1984
Shires 4114J Gavinv Auburn1994/1995
Shires 4112 noStuart Yeendv Epping1983/1984
Shires 4110 noL Morschv Canterbury1992/1993
Shires 4110Greg Blacklerv Macquarie University1995/1996
Shires 4109Stuart Yeendv Lane Cove1983/1984
Shires 4108David Thomasv Epping1986/1987
Shires 4106 noMatthew Woosnamv Canterbury1992/1993
Shires 4105R Turkv Lane Cove1983/1984
Shires 4104Craig Martinv Epping1988/1989
Shires 4102 noStuart Yeendv Pennant Hills1985/1986
Shires 4102 noAndrew McKnoultyv Pennant Hills1992/1993
Shires 4102 noIan Wilsonv Bexley1992/1993
Shires 4102 noJustin McLeayv Strathfield1997/1998
Shires 4102 noMatthew Johnsonv Epping1998/1999
Shires 4100 noMatthew Andersonv Lane Cove1992/1993
Shires 4100 noPeter Staciwav Holroyd1998/1999
Shires 4100Phillip Doddv Holroyd1993/1994
Frank Gray Shield
Shires FG161 noLali Pooniv Auburn1997/1998
Shires FG103David Scurrv Auburn1996/1997

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