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Club Records by Grade - Seniors

This page is currently under construction, so please check back regularly.
A GradeA ReserveB1 GradeB2 GradeB3 Grade
B4 GradeB5 GradeB6 GradeB7 GradeB8 Grade
B9 GradeB10 GradeB11 GradeB12 GradeB13 Grade
B14 GradeB15 GradeB16 GradeB17 GradeC Grade    
A Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate863Bill Edgecombe1964/1965
Best Batting Average67.3Bill Anderson1960/1961
Highest Individual Score201Barry Walker1967/1968
Most Wickets in a Season55Peter Newman1955/1956
Best Bowling Average9.50Peter Newman1958/1959
Best Innings Bowling8 for 48Jay Smith2003/2004
Best Match Bowling--------
Premierships1953/1954, 1995/1996, 2019/2020
A Reserve
Highest Batting Aggregate568Chris North2003/2004
Best Batting Average63.1Chris North2003/2004
Highest Individual Score183 noMichael Robertson2015/2016
Most Wickets in a Season29Albert White1961/1962
Best Bowling Average15.32David Cope2003/2004
Best Innings Bowling7 for 26Trent Hession2005/2006
Best Match Bowling----------
Premierships1952/1953, 1980/1981, 1981/1982, 2000/2001, 2019/2020
B1 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate496Les Stranger1964/1965
Best Batting Average54.2John Hennessy1968/1969
Highest Individual Score216T Smith1923/1924
Most Wickets in a Season62Colin Davies1968/1969
Best Bowling Average9.40Col Davies1968/1969
Best Innings Bowling10 for ??L Walker1928/1929
Best Match Bowling11 for ??Colin Davies1968/1969
1933/1934, 1944/1945, 1975/1976, 1987/1988, 1989/1990,
1999/2000, 2002/2003, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2017/2018
B2 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate700Chris Springall2013/2014
Best Batting Average41.9Chris North2001/2002
Highest Individual Score186Pat Munro2004/2005
Most Wickets in a Season63M Gilham1955/1956
Best Bowling Average5.38D Alchin1955/1956
Best Innings Bowling8 for 35Marty Keeble2003/2004
Best Match Bowling----------
Premierships1962/1963, 1980/1981, 1997/1998, 2012/2013, 2015/2016
B3 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate605Brian Cleasby1957/1958
Best Batting Average44.38Nick Connellan2002/2003
Highest Individual Score162Darren Tipton1994/1995
Most Wickets in a Season66Albert White1957/1958
Best Bowling Average7.12L Bradley1957/1958
Best Innings Bowling8 for 15Laurie Wilson1961/1962
Best Match Bowling12 for 76David Cope2008/2009
Premierships2014/2015, 2017/2018, 2019/2020
B4 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate719Gary Wheway2002/2003
Best Batting Average65.4Gary Wheway2002/2003
Highest Individual Score173Ishmam Masud2017/2018
Most Wickets in a Season
William Lothian
Malcolm Kane
Best Bowling Average7.95Russell Grunsell1964/1965
Best Innings Bowling8 for 17Ben Jenkins2007/2008
Best Match Bowling----------
Premierships1964/1965, 1982/1983, 2006/2007
B5 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate586Simon Joyce2004/2005
Best Batting Average38.9Trent Hession2003/2004
Highest Individual Score159Kevin Govender2012/2013
Most Wickets in a Season84R Maker1959/1960
Best Bowling Average7.04R Maker1959/1960
Best Innings Bowling9 for 49Paul Hardwick2003/2004
Best Match Bowling11 for 93John Thompson1962/1963
Premierships1959/1960, 1964/1965, 2001/2002, 2003/2004
B6 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate652Ben Dooley2006/2007
Best Batting Average59.27Ben Dooley2006/2007
Highest Individual Score206Greg McLoughlin2006/2007
Most Wickets in a Season41Roger Deane2005/2006
Best Bowling Average6.9Darren Tipton2003/2004
Best Innings Bowling9 for 20Dean Stapleton2001/2002
Best Match Bowling----------
Premierships1980/1981, 2000/2001, 2009/2010, 2016/2017
B7 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate611John Walters2002/2003
Best Batting Average66.75Simon Rogers2003/2004
Highest Individual Score163Ben Dooley2005/2006
Most Wickets in a Season42Roger Deane2004/2005
Best Bowling Average7.76Sacha Hilbrink2003/2004
Best Innings Bowling8 for 27Roger Deane2009/2010
Best Match Bowling----------
Premierships1983/1984, 1999/2000, 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2016/2017
B8 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate511Ben Dooley2004/2005
Best Batting Average73.0Ben Dooley2004/2005
Highest Individual Score192 noRohit Dighe2015/2016
Most Wickets in a Season56Roger Deane2014/2015
Best Bowling Average7.84Ben Dooley2004/2005
Best Innings Bowling9 for 10Evan Platt2008/2009
Best Match Bowling12 for 52Ian Scollay1993/1994
Premierships1990/1991, 2008/2009
B9 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate470John Walters2001/2002
Best Batting Average36.1John Walters2001/2002
Highest Individual Score171Anthony Battle2010/2011
Most Wickets in a Season65Trent Hession2001/2002
Best Bowling Average6.82Ben Dooley2003/2004
Best Innings Bowling7 for 8Trent Hession2001/2002
Best Match Bowling12 for 62Trent Hession2001/2002
Premierships1995/1996, 2001/2002, 2003/2004, 2015/2016
B10 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate673Anthony Liyanage2013/2014
Best Batting Average36.1Simon Joyce2002/2003
Highest Individual Score203Aikeshkumar Patel2015/2016
Most Wickets in a Season55David Pring2001/2002
Best Bowling Average8.29David Pring2001/2002
Best Innings Bowling8 for 24David Pring2001/2002
Best Match Bowling10 for 45Sacha Hilbrink2002/2003
Premierships1986/1987, 1999/2000, 2000/2001, 2002/2003, 2007/2008, 2013/2014, 2016/2017
B11 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate714Greg Leeson2004/2005
Best Batting Average51.0Greg Leeson2004/2005
Highest Individual Score148Grant Korny2005/2006
Most Wickets in a Season43Adam Fahey2004/2005
Best Bowling Average8.49Adam Fahey2004/2005
Best Innings Bowling7 for 25Ashmeet Jolly2005/2006
Best Match Bowling10 for 111Tony Senior2006/2007
Premierships1979/1980, 1996/1997, 2002/2003, 2007/2008
B12 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate539Christien Mulder2006/2007
Best Batting Average49.0Christien Mulder2006/2007
Highest Individual Score136Joe Macrae2017/2018
Most Wickets in a Season50Adam Fahey2003/2004
Best Bowling Average8.96Grant Korny2004/2005
Best Innings Bowling8 for 13Adam Fahey2003/2004
Best Match Bowling12 for 83Matti Marjoniemi2001/2002
Premierships1981/1982, 2000/2001, 2013/2014
B13 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate611Rushikumar Trivedi2011/2012
Best Batting Average58.33Chani Lokuge2006/2007
Highest Individual Score169Noman Dar2014/2015
Most Wickets in a Season50Pat Mamo2001/2002
Best Bowling Average7.94Adam Fahey2002/2003
Best Innings Bowling8 for 12Troy Higginbotham2004/2005
Best Match Bowling11 for 41Christian Millgate2010/2011
Premierships1980/1981, 2001/2002, 2011/2012, 2013/2014
B14 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate517Matthew Bracken2003/2004
Best Batting Average47.4Tim Chesher2006/2007
Highest Individual Score163Tim Chesher2006/2007
Most Wickets in a Season68Chris White2002/2003
Best Bowling Average6.07Chris White2002/2003
Best Innings Bowling7 for 36Sacha Fernandez2002/2003
Best Match Bowling11 for 76Chris White2002/2003
B15 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate689Hardik Shah2014/2015
Best Batting Average31.2Tim Chesher2005/2006
Highest Individual Score132Hardik P Shah2014/2015
Most Wickets in a Season21Nilendra Perera2005/2006
Best Bowling Average---------
Best Innings Bowling? for ??----2005/2006
Best Match Bowling?? for ??----2005/2006
B16 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate-------2005/2006
Best Batting Average----------
Highest Individual Score110Nick Bertus2005/2006
Most Wickets in a Season------2005/2006
Best Bowling Average---------
Best Innings Bowling? for ??----2005/2006
Best Match Bowling?? for ??----2005/2006
B17 Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate307Charuka Abhayawickrama2005/2006
Best Batting Average21.9Charuka Abhayawickrama2005/2006
Highest Individual Score-------2005/2006
Most Wickets in a Season32Adam Meakins2005/2006
Best Bowling Average11.70Sacha Fernandez2005/2006
Best Innings Bowling? for ??----2005/2006
Best Match Bowling?? for ??----2005/2006
C Grade
Highest Batting Aggregate615R Eager1959/1960
Best Batting Average66.8Tom Gurka2005/2006
Highest Individual Score148 noTom Gurka2005/2006
Most Wickets in a Season62Kevin Gilham1957/1958
Best Bowling Average6.48Kevin Dodds1968/1969
Best Innings Bowling8 for 49Daniel Dawson1995/1996
Best Match Bowling11 for ??Ray Kentwell1965/1966

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